Resolute Farms Racing
Louise Reidel Bra Buster 2011, courtesy of Bob Zimmerman. See more at http://picasaweb.google.com/kaleidobob
Northern Highland 2011, Crescent in the morning mist, vet check halfway
Point Chaser  2011 at Zumbro Bottoms
Photos Courtesy of Bob Zimmerman, more at his page on http://picasaweb.google.com/kaleidobob
Pamela on Thundar, Malinda on Gazzy, Diane on Iron Lady Hawk, Katie on Reigner... That is a 4 year old stallion with 2 lovely mares on his second ride!
Jessi and Crescent on their way to the finish at Point Chaser
Jason & Passing Velocity (aka PV) at Grand Island 2011...25 mile CTR
Louise Reidel Bra Buster 2012, again kudos to Bob Zimmerman, see above link for more!!!
Jessi & Crescent at the Endless Valley 25 mile Comp....once again, photos courtesy of Bob Zimmerman!