December 2013

Well, another very truncated endurance season due to personal AND (very unexpected) personnel issues. Regardless, however, the races we went to were great venues for our boys. Jason did races with both Iceman and Reigner , and Crescent did his usual superb job in the endurance races he entered. Next year we hope to have Jason riding endurance on Crescent in the heavyweight division. He may also ride Reigner in 50’s (Reigner did super in his first 50 this season). We hope to have a light or mid-weight rider for Ice who did just a magnificent job carrying Jason to numerous top five finishes. Our Katie says she wants to start Ajax and, dare we hope, compete with him as well as her old faithfuls, Esti and Zuri. Those two missed her while she was off being pregnant but Zuri says he has dibs on Katie’s new (and adorable) little daughter, Sadie…as soon as she’s old enough to sit in a saddle!!

We said good-bye to some wonderful horses this year and are delighted to say they went to wonderful homes. Iceman’s daughter, RFR The Icebaby, went to a friend who has also bred previously to Iceman for a quarab foal of her own. Becky wants to try LD and endurance with “Baby” and so far they are getting along incredibly well. Ovation and Chitown Hustle went to an endurance friend as breeding stock to be used in her program and RFR I of the Flame (Iceman’s dam) went to another breeder who specializes in performance Arabians.

Meanwhile the youngsters, especially, Lovey, Daring, The Highwayman (“TH”), Rein Daughter (“RD”, Reigner’s only ever offspring!) are growing like, well, the proverbial weeds. Daring (a full sister to RFR Silver Crescent) is absolutely gorgeous. Lovey, with that blue eye she inherited from Iceman, also exhibits the great conformation she inherited from her Thoroughbred dam, Passing Velocity. Both are already the people loving horses we expect all our animals to become. In fact, there are moments when all you want to do is fix that fence without a muzzle, or two, or three, shoved between you, your hammer, and the 2x8. We have a friend who is heavily into eventing who says Lovey is going to be incredible as an event horse. Maybe that’s because we watched her jump 3 x 5 feet at 2 weeks of age, and a four foot rail fence as a yearling with absolutely perfect form.

We hope for more time next year to spend with all of our endurance friends and their horses. We really do enjoy so many aspects of the sport. Meanwhile, we’ll try to ride some this winter (if it gets back above 20 degrees sometime!), get another horse or two broke to drive (again if the temperature ever gets back up high enough to allow outside activities), and get those state park sites reserved for some of those races we most enjoy. Have a wonder full Holiday season and a very Happy New Year.


​​​Winter/Spring 2013

Twenty-thirteen is already a good year. At the recent UMCRA (Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Rides Association) Convention, our senior stallion, RFR Silver Crescent won the AHDRA (Arabian Horse Distance Riding Association) Purebred 2012 Versatility Championship. The award is based upon placements and horses defeated in a combination of Endurance (50 miles), Competitive (25 miles) and Limited Distance (25 miles) rides. Crescent was most ably ridden to his championship by his wonderful rider, Jessi Zirbel. Although they rode a very limited campaign schedule in 2012 (mostly curtailed by my illness) they placed so well in the limited number of events they entered that they won this awesome award. Jessi and Crescent are headed for many more endurance rides this year with a goal of trying a 75 or a 100 by season's end as long as both horse and rider stay both healthy and happy with the sport.

Both Jason (on RFR The Iceman) and Katie (on Zurhama de Washoe II and Darling Esti Norsk) will be concentrating on 25 mile LDs with maybe a 50 by the end of the season. The Iceman and Zuri are still quite young and Esti seems happiest at the limited distance so far. Jessi will also be using RFR Polar Reign for LDs, usually at the same venues at which she will ride Endurance on Crescent. Reigner is now a gelding which makes the logistics of taking stallions to the same event a bit easier. Although the three never caused any major problems at events where they all attended, having three stallions side-by-side means riders need to stay super vigilant, not very relaxing for people sometimes. I also hope to be riding this season again, probably with my faithful "Thundar the Barbarian". I very much missed the riding, the horses, and especially, the people last summer.

The four year old filly, RFR The Icebaby, is doing super under saddle and will be ready for a new owner/rider to take into Novice or 25 mile Competitive or Limited Distance events. She has her sire's heart and boldness and her dam's brains and calmness. It's one heck of a combination in a beautifully conformed, people-loving package. Meanwhile, the three year old geldings, RFR Ajax (an Anglo) and RFR The Quietman (aka Duke, a chromed-up, flaxen maned Arab) are beginning their ground work...not that they really need much. If you can jump up on a youngster bareback and without even a halter and they just wait for you to give them directions with your legs and seat... well that's a pretty darn good start!

We are expecting only two foals of our own this spring, one is an out-crossing of our pure Russian line with a Viking daughter, and the other is a line breeding meant to double up on some of our female foundation lines. Both breedings have been planned for years and we have very high hopes and expectations for these foals. Frankly, they'll have to be something quite extraordinary to beat last years crop, "Lovey" and "Dearing" are pretty darn special to say the least.

We enjoyed the chance to have Ruth Harper from Happily Ever After Photography visit the farm to take great "snow" photos of some of the horses. She got some tremendous shots and will be uploaded to the site soon!

So, THINK SPRING! Think riding, think conditioning, think foals, and think of anything else that has to do with horses and fun! Hope to see you all at a ride or show sometime this year!


​​Spring 2012

News Flash!!!
Rainey Racehorse had a beautiful filly Thursday afternoon. RFR Enduring Rain was born at 5:45pm in about 2 minutes. Rainey is a seasoned mother and is taking wonderful care of her new girl!

Everyone is working hard to get ready for the first endurance event of the season, which for us will be the Glacier Trails ride at Palmyra on May 12th & 13th. All the boys (Crescent, Reigner, Iceman, Thundar & Zuri) are conditioned and eager to go. Of course it is breeding season and Iceman has already been bred and Crescent and Reigner are still scheduled to be bred so they have a little more energy than is absolutely desirable when they're just banging around in their paddocks. Luckily, they always seem to understand the difference in the behavior required when they're actually under saddle and there's work to do. We are darn pleased they continue to go out in groups with mares and other stallions and manage to focus on their jobs, rather than the "competition".

I am particularly pleased with Iceman's restoration to his old affectionate, loving self. Many of you know the story of his unfortunate (read: "horrible") sojourn to California and our ultimately successful efforts to get him returned to the farm. He came back a distraught and unhappy animal, but three weeks into his return, a light went back on and I have promised it will never be extinguished again. He has too much courageous heart and loving sould to allow it to be wasted through neglect or mistreatment of any kind.

Also, as many of you know, I have repeatedly warned everyone who breeds to him that the chances of reproducing those magnificent blue eyes are about a million to one..... Well, wouldn't you know it, he went and did it, with a thoroughbred no less. The dam is a double x-factor mare, Passing Velocity, who carried Jason, a heavyweight, to some CTR wins last season. The foal, a filly, is a bay like mom, with a narrow blaze and one striking blue eye outlined in black kohl just like her dad's. Her registered Anglo-Arabian name will be RFR Aflame (in honor of her Grand-dam, RFR I of the Flame, who started all this blue eye stuff!) but her barn name is "Lovey"... some people (I won't name names) think it should be "Feisty" but I'm trying hard to give her something to live up to...

Phew! She is a real barrel or energy! I can't wait for Rainey's foal to arrive, that will give Feisty, er, I mean "Lovey", someone to play with besides mom and us two-legged idiots.

"CC" has been sold to an endurance home (Congratulations Dustie!) and another great person has reserved the wonderful young gelding RFR The Quietman, aka "Duke". I hope she ultimately acquires him as they seem to be a perfect match.

We are only breeding three horses for ourselves this year, but some of the pairings have been in the planning stages for years... We are very serious about takin gthe long view when we create or combine bloodlines, always looking for balanced conformation, loving attitudes, good minds, consistently lovely type, and the strength to perform superbly. We know we have already produced some extroardinary horses who are just beginning to prove themselves in both the breeding shed and in various performance venues, but we will never quit striving to improve...

We look forward to meeting new friends and renewing old acquaintances this summer as we campaign Crescent (with Jessi), Reigner (with Katie and Jessi), Iceman (with Jessi or Jason) and of course Zuri and Thundar with Katie and me. Stop by the trailer anytime or visit us at the farm to see the new babies. We love to have visitors!

Happy Riding!!


THE ICEMAN IS BACK! And is available to a new home....he will be kept intact until March and then gelded. If you prefer a stallion, please go to our contact page & call or email one of us. Is starting conditioning for 25 Comp & LD for the 2012 season, and will be campaigned until sold



Crescent ended his novice endurance season with fantastic consistency...every finish at least a placing to add to his first BC in August. The friendly challenge issued to his incredibly talented and hard working rider, Jessi Z., (“I'll pay the entry fees for every finish of third place or better.”) bore delightfully unexpected results!!!! I paid for darn near every ride...Willingly!!!! We are already looking forward eagerly to next season and Crescent's first 50. (Maybe even a 100?!! But we won't push it too much, he is just 7 years old, right?!! Slow and steady, that's our approach to training...) See his AERC records by clicking on the hyperlink at the end of this sentence and typing in his name RFR Silver Crescent
We have learned so much in this, our first attempt at preparing a horse (stallion) for a new career in endurance. There have been so many wonderful people who have encouraged and mentored us and of course, a few detractors too (“Stallions don't belong in endurance” et cetera, et cetera) but the former far out-weigh the latter and, dare we say, after just the limited number of rides we could manage to get to this year, many of the original doubters have also become enthusiastic and voluble supporters of our stallions. Yes, that's STALLIONS!!!! Our gorgeous young 4 year old has also just made his debut.

Reigner went to his first two novice rides at Colorama and Point Chaser. Jessi rode him at Colorama and they actually led the novice group...a four year old stallion on his first 15 mile ride leading a novice group that included two mares in full heat. WOW! We were so proud of his performance, his points would have garnered him second place if Jessi had been an eligible rider. With Katie on him at his second ride he did even better in points and would also have gotten a second if we had spotted while still at the ride, the math error that put him in forth place. But, so what?! He turned in another flawless ride and placed extremely well in a very large group of competitors....he will so love LD’s next year!

Can you tell we're all anxious for next year's rides? We are! Of course we will do some dressage and trail riding over the winter just to keep ourselves and the horses from going bonkers but without an indoor arena, riding gets tough sometimes...Jessi says if it's 20 degrees and sunny, she'll ride...I personally like a few more degrees of warmth and no wind...But we will get out there! It's great fun to ride in an unmarked field of pristine snow or through the woods on the deer trails...and besides, we have young ones to train...Crescent's filly “CC” (RFR Crimson Crescent) will be joining us out on the trail soon and if not sold to a forever home in the spring will make her debut at an early ride next summer. We have absolutely no doubt she will follow beautifully in the hoof-prints of her wonderful sire and dam.


CONGRATULATIONS to JESSI and RFR SILVER CRESCENT!!!!!!! With just a couple of LDs (Limited Distance rides of 25 miles each) under their cinches, on August 13 at the Louise Riedel Memorial Ride in Arkdale...they took the big prize. Not only did they WIN, They took BEST CONDITIONED!!!! That is the most sought after award at any/all endurance events. It was a particularly special award for both Jessi and Crescent for a number of reasons. First, the field of competitors included many past champions and very experienced horses and riders while Jessi and Crescent are novices at this sport, secondly, we had once again been told (before the race) by an experienced (almost legendary) rider that "...stallions have no place in the sport of endurance."

NEEDLESS TO SAY....WE DISAGREE! We firmly believe stallions (who dominate in almost all of the other sports we have participated in...from racing and eventing to team penning and dressage) also belong in endurance. We understand that stallions may require some additional training for manners and some extra care in handling, but they also bring additional strength, passion, and heart to any performance arena...and they love to work and they love to win. If you want to breed the best foals , which sire would you rather have? Some halter horse kept 23 hours a day in a stall, or, a stallion who has proven himself as outsatanding and versitile in a number of difficult endeavors? I would pick the second option every time! BEAUTY IS AS BEAUTY DOES!!!

Our other riders and competitors, Katie and Zuri, Jason and Passing Velocity , Malinda and Gazzie, and Thundar the Barbarian and I have also been doing very well, placing in almost every event we enter. We continue to learn the basics as well as some of the finer points of this new sport we are coming to enjoy so much. Gotta' say, it really is a test of both horse and rider and I think it's keeping us all younge, enthusiastic and FIT!!!

Stop by any time to meet us and the horses of Resolute Farms. Remember, Crescent has a couple of young ones for sale.

June 2011

The poet once asked “…What is so rare as a day in June?” Meaning, I assume, that June days are so lovely and full of sunshine there are few things that compare with them…

I want to know if that fellow was off in some desert or up in the rarified air on some mountaintop because I’m darn sure he wasn’t in Wisconsin in the midst of all our rain and chilly temperatures!!! Darn hard to get good hay cut and dried!

Regardless, however, we have been going to some of the closer UMECRA rides and we’re doing pretty well for a bunch of “newbies”, if we must say so ourselves. Most recently we’ve gone to Rapid River, ApDRA, and last weekend the SE Minnesota ride. We have earned placements at every ride, some under very difficult conditions.

I’m particularly proud of Jason and Passing Velocity, his TB mare. It may be because she’s a double-X factor mare and has that extra large heart, but she pulses down exceptionally well after carrying a heavyweight, even in the rain and heat. Katie and Zuri are also doing wonderfully, especially as he is such a young horse. Jessi has Crescent in great condition and he’s beginning to finally learn this new multi-gaited job after years of flat-out-running on the track. He has one little foible we’re working on, he doesn’t want to cross running streams or rivers…sort of funny because he had absolutely NO trouble running his heart out on racetracks that were totally sloppy and streaming water… It must be some dessert horse thing, but he’s learning to overcome his aversion and I’m sure he’ll be splashing through the water crossings like a trooper in no time.

RFR The Iceman has gone to his new home in California and Liz says she’s “in love”, just as we thought she would be. We do miss watching his antics in the back paddock. When we would sit out on the deck, he would always put on a little extra show just to garner some additional attention. We will always miss his spirit and personality although we know he has gone to a wonderful performance home. All you west coast folks keep an eye out for that incredible blue-eyed, purebred, Arabian stallion, the one with the super “I’ll-try-anything” attitude and sizzling style. All of you Midwest friends, come by and meet his son, “Duke” and daughter, “The Icebaby”. Look at them and see exactly why we are so proud of The Iceman.

We will be posting some endurance photos soon so check back as often as possible…and remember; we always welcome visitors to the farm, rain or shine!

May 2011

1.) Breeding is in full swing!

Oh my! That may not be a very good choice of phrase (those of you who have had the dubious pleasure of seeing a stallion in all his glory will know just what I'm talking about!!!!)

Anyway, RFR The Iceman has successfully settled his mares in the most gentlemanly manner possible, no aggression, no biting...he just woos and wins them. RFR Silver Crescent is waiting patiently for the next cycle on two of his ladies, then we'll be done for the year. (Yes, Iceman is getting ready to leave soon for California, we will miss him terribly...)

2.) Our first endurance outing of the year was a GREAT SUCCESS! In a field of over 20 we came in 3rd, 4th and 6th on our first 25 miler. Then, to top it off, Crescent went another 25 the next day with Jessi, and successfully vetted in within 10 minutes of completing his LD; AND he came in dancing on air with more gas in the tank, enough so that he made a 4 hour ride home in the trailer and was set to do his job breeding the very next day. We couldn't have been prouder of our horses, Crescent, Flame, and Thundar the Barbarian. They really are "game", so full of heart and so willing to give their all. AND SO WELL BEHAVED! We were especially proud of Crescent, surrounded as he was by mares in season, not one incident of rudeness or naughtiness.

Our friends Malinda and Vonn (newbies like us), and Kris and Tracy (a more experienced duo) all did a super job too. Malinda took first place in the Sunday Novice ride, quite a coup.

We hope to ride consistently throughout the season but it is true, higher entry fees and awfully high gas prices are making us think twice about the more distant rides and even the dressage schooling shows...and then there is the stuff in our "other" lives that keeps our Katie abandoning us in favor of an upcoming trip to Ireland...I would ask, "How could she?" but since I've been there twice I would feel like sort of a cad, ruining her anticipation and pleasure...May she bring back tons of fun videos and pix!

Keep Riding and think SUMMER (without flies!). See you on the trails! PJ

April 2011

1.) WAHA Conformation Clinic with Dr. Deb Bennett

On April 2, 2011 we presented our stallion, RFR Silver Crescent, to be inspected by the well known conformation expert, Dr. Deb Bennett. We are absolutely delighted to report that Dr. Deb called him “…a beautiful horse” with “…the best (leg) bone seen on any Arabian in ages” and recommended we “…take him home and make some lovely babies with him.”

This is HIGH PRAISE indeed! Dr. Deb is known for her honesty and her critical eye, and she’s just as apt to tell stallion owners to take their horses’ home and geld them. But, if we’re also being honest (and we are), she did say he needed to be ridden differently to enhance his neck and groin musculature. She knew just from the way he was muscled he had been a race horse! She agreed that the dressage training and endurance conditioning we’ve recently started with Crescent are what he needs to bring him into perfect balance.

Dr. Deb said he would improve almost any Arabian mare he was bred to but suggested he would be an outstanding sire choice to use with Quarter Horses or Thoroughbreds because his legs are so great they would correct some of the leg issues seen with those breeds. In addition, his size would help create the larger performance sport horse popular today without giving up agility and endurance. We enjoyed the educational aspect of the entire clinic and to say we were thrilled with the inspection results is to put it mildly… It is always a genuine pleasure to have someone of Dr. Deb’s acknowledged statute and acumen reinforce your belief in a performance breeding program such as ours.

2.) Spring-Fizzies, Spring-Fuzzies and schooling endurance rides.

The weather would simply not cooperate! Our endurance schooling ride scheduled for April 10th as a warm up for the first UMECRA ride on April 23rd, had to be cancelled because half the trails at Eau Plaine Park were under water and the other half still consisted of mud or ice. So different from last year when we were trail riding out there at the end of March!

Not to worry, a smaller group of us, including two mares in heat, a gelding and all three stallions (hence the “Fizzies”) went on an 8-9 mile ride on Saturday before the rain started. Within a mile, all of our equine partners had actually decided we really were “working” as opposed to anything else they might have been dreaming about (boys will be boys!)…and things settled down to a really great ride with tons of transitions and position changes to help the horses learn how to “rate” when necessary (you know former race horses…out in front is best). Two of the horses were 20+ years and one of them, an Arabian mare, is totally blind. She is owned by our farrier, Malinda Z., and she was awesome. You could see her listening to all the other horses in the group and trusting her rider implicitly…pretty neat.

March 2011

March 28th: Posted a new page under the horses tab (Dressage). See how our wonderful stallions are doing in one of their new jobs. Also, check out a couple new pictures of Reigner on his page!

March 24th: It's a GIRL!!!!!!Lovely dark bay filly with a perfect icicle marking on her face. Appropriate given the weather this morning. Rainey is being her usual wonderful motherly self and the proud sire, Red White and Blue (Patriot), a Versace son, is said to be looking on with pride over his nearby paddock fence.

March 22nd: So…time to wait…and wait…and WAIT some more. Foals always come at exactly their own speed, don’t they? Rainey waxed last Saturday the 19th and you would think that meant something, but NO! Here it is Tuesday the 22nd we’re still (you guessed it), WAITING! My only hope is that she has an easy birth and a healthy foal; I already know what a wonderful mother she is. This baby belongs to the lessee, but Rainey will be rebred to Polar Star in a month or so. We are definitely hoping for another Crescent, or Buoy, or even a Morning, next spring…gender doesn’t particularly matter; all of Rainey’s foals have been outstanding. We ourselves, have two foals coming, one from a Wiking daughter, Bandarina, and one from our beautiful Ovation, perhaps the best conformed Arabian mare I’ve ever seen. I am very excited about these two babies, although there is always that nagging problem of the perfect name…let’s see now…starting with the sire name and adding….

Reminder: The Endurance season starts next month, don’t forget the schooling ride at Eau Plaine Park on April 10th. Hope to see you there.

February 2011

RFR The Iceman has found a new FOREVER home with a wonderful performance horsewoman, Liz M., in southern California. Our Icey will be traveling to his new home in May after he completes his breeding obligations at Resolute Farms. He will be accompanied on his trip to California by his current person, Jessi, who wants to help him settle in and meet face-to-face our newest friend on the west coast. Liz will be keeping The Iceman a stallion (Hurray!!!) so there may be other wonderful progeny like RFR The Icebaby, RFR Morning Frost, and RFR the Quietman to look forward to in the future (in addition to the foals being bred this spring, of course). While Iceman remains in Wisconsin he will participate in normal conditioning, dressage training, and our scheduled "schooling" endurance ride at Eau Plaine Park on April 10th. Come join us for perhaps your last chance to ride with the one, the only, The Iceman!

January 2011

Resolute Farms is planning to hold a "Schooling Endurance Ride" in early April if there is enough interest from area endurance riders. This would not be a sanctioned ride, (its more like a schooling show) but it would be a chance for young or novice horses to go through the (pretend?) vet check-in and ride a set of trails with other horses in preparation for the real season. The ride would probably take place at either Nine-Mile or Eau Plaine Park. If you're in the area and interested, call any of us for more information on a final date, etc.

Katie couldn't resist a fantastic deal and got herself a promising young
4 year-old,Spanish-bred gelding, Zurhama de Washoe II, who is making
the acquaintance of the other Resolute horses, dogs and humans. He's
beautiful, good natured, smart and interested in everything.... Zuri
will be broken to ride this spring, Katie hopes to maybe ride a
competitive with him before the season ends if he's progressing and
conditioning well enough.

All the area vets are offering discounts on Coggins this spring and we have made our appointment for Dr. Suzanne to come to the farm for annual blood-draws and spring vaccinations...while its helpful to us, since we test all of the horses every year, it is a sign of the means there are people who aren't doing the testing without encouragement and incentives, and who can blame them if a job has been lost and the mortgage payment is due? The upper mid-west happens to have been a hot spot for EIA at one time. We sincerely hope the economy does not cause a significant lessening of the efforts to monitor and control this often fatal disease. Some vets are willing to work with clients on payment schedules so do talk to your vet about your horse health and money issues. 

December 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Resolute Farms!

Wow! One of the new 2011 intro level dressage tests has cantering! Heck, we're all trying our best just to get a smooth transition from a medium walk to a working trot. Good thing we've got another lesson scheduled for the boys on the 16th.

We will soon be vet checking the pregnant mares. We hope to have three wonderful foals next spring (even though we secretly think it might be hard to beat the two boys we had this year, Ajax and Duke, they really are quite stunning!)

November 2010

Recently we said a (tearful) farewell to another one of our lovely "babies". Well, to
be honest, RFR Rain Buoy wasn't exactly a baby and he certainly wasn't little. And
to be even more honest, we were delighted with his new owner and his new home.
Buoy went home with Shelly Sentyrz of Minnesota. Shelly is affiliated with
UMECRA and she chose our Buoy-boy (affectionately known as Llama-lips for his
delicate way with treat retrievals of all kinds) over some outstanding candidates to
be her new endurance prospect. She hopes to campaign him next year in some
competitive trail and we hope tosee them at some events as Buoy's half-brother
and best buddy, Reigner (RFR Polar Reign) will also be campaigned in the same
class. Shelly did tell Katie she would again be able to ride her boy at least once
next year and you can bet Katie will hold her to that promise, she loved riding
her Buoy.

This month we began taking Crescent, Reigner and Thundar (the Barbarian) to some dressage lessons. It's a perfect way to encourage flexibility, suppleness, forwardness and besides, it's indoors in an arena...anything to stay our of the wind and snow! It's sort of fun to see a race trained stallion grapple with the notion that a hand slowly closed on the inside rein should mean as much as a whack from a jockey's bat! "Twinkle-twinkle" Yeah...right...

October 2010

We went to our very first endurance event, Drawrama. We took Thundar, Crescent, Flame and Kilian. Crescent was very well behaved for a stallion only three weeks from the race track and Thundar was super, that old boy took 2nd! Flame hasn't been off the farm in seven years and to say she was excited is an understatement. Her biggest problem however, was a loss of points because we forgot to tell the vet to say "foot" to look at her hooves...she is voice trained and stood absolutely still...our bad! As soon as we finally figured our what was happening and said the magic word, the hoof was raised to hand but the damage, as they say, was done. Oh well, a learning curve for all of us and the people were so friendly and helpful. We really had a great time. We are looking forward to next year! We will try to keep everyone as fit as possible through the winter so we don't have to start conditioning from absolute scratch when the new season starts.

 September 2010

ARROW and MABC races were held at Richland Center during the county fair
and it was a blast. Crescent won the open race and Iceman won the MABC
futurity race ridden by Malinda, our farrier. Katie rode Reigner to a close
second place finish. It is always a thrill to see Arabians come striding to the
finish line, sometimes almost as great a thrill as it is to ride them at that
speed, watching the roadside slip by in a blur of green and brown... The old
sayings are right, they truly are moving air incarnate and they love nothing
quite so much as running with their brother, the wind.

 August 2010

The open show at Jefferson was another revelation. We are not show people but everyone was so helpful and it was such fun, we will definitely do that again. RFR Silver Crescent won sport-horse-in-hand and RFR Polar Reign won halter, wonderfully shown by Jessi. We were a little upset by a judge who said they would never place a blue-eyed Arabian and who wouldn't even look at Iceman, but, we will know better next year. We will just put him in open and colored classes next year, not the purebred class...he is rather unusual, striking really, and from the standpoint of a halter purist, okay... those "sky-blues" are definitely not mentioned in the standard. We don't care, the audience still loved him! He got the most applause of any horse there!

The race season, such as it was with such a limited number of meet days, is over and we have reluctantly decided we will no longer stoop to racing our stakes caliber, purebred Arabians against "registered French-bred Arabians" whom everyone acknowledges are half to three-quarter Thoroughbred. When my horses are the only ones in the race who run with their tails up, and the other horses have roman noses, long mule ears and are up to 16 hands at 3 years old... well, it's time to take my Arabians our of that venue... they have too much heart to waste it running against mongrel Anglos. It's a real shame to see what happened to true Arabian racing in just 5 short years...greed, avarice, and cheating are never fun to watch and, frankly, we refuse to become part of it.
News from the Farm
Resolute Farms Racing
Buoy Boy
RFR Polar Reign leading
RFR The Iceman
Zuri and his new mom, Katie